Don't underestimate your decorations

from by Helen Robertson

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The fairy on the top of the tree is scared of heights
She's formulating a plan for escaping by climbing down the fairy lights
And the robin tied to the branch with wire
Has eaten too many mince pies to be able to fly

The baubles have started unionising
The tinsel has formed a picket line
The pinecones are trying to colonise
The whole of the bloody room

Don't underestimate
Your decorations, mate
They're more powerful than you know
Don't underestimate
Your decorations, mate
Or you'll just be left with snow flakes made by your kids

The star and the angel both want to claim the top spot
Now the fairy's gone they both think that they've got what it takes
And they're getting more absurd with every single bloody word
And it's not about which is better; just which is not the worst

The nativity scene says there's no room
For any decorations not quite like them
The shepherds are worried for their jobs
And the cows think the baubles will bring bombs

Don't underestimate
Your decorations, mate
They're more hateful than you know
Don't undestimate
Your decorations, mate
Might be best to put them all back in the loft.


from Christmas! Present and Correct, released November 28, 2016




Helen Robertson UK

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